Bacalar Lagoon.

Bacalar Lagoon.

Bacalar Lagoon.

The name of Bacalar derives from the Mayan expression “Sian Ka’an Bakhalal”, which means “place where heaven is born”,

It is a lagoon also known as the Lagoon of the Seven Colors, due to its delicate shades of blue between its waters and depths. It is located at the south of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which has become a popular location for its ecological tourism and for providing a place of relaxation and recreation for all its visitors.

If you want to visit this Lagoon, it is important that you know a little about this beautiful place. In terms of location, this beautiful destination is located just 40 kilometers north of the capital of Chetumal state and approximately 335 kilometers from Cancun (3 hours and 40 minutes by car). In these beautiful waters you can enjoy different depths, radiant sun rays and a beautiful wildlife that decorate and brighten up the whole place. The combination of fine white sands along with that of crystalline waters gives an aspect of great beauty to the entire landscape, even enjoying a pirate ship abandoned on its banks that serves as a beautiful tourist location to explore and take photos, which undoubtedly can become the center of opinion from your trip to the Lagoon.

Within the depths of the Bacalar Lagoon there are three different cenotes consisting of a circular cavern with a lagoon inside, which overflowed and gave rise to a narrow and long lagoon at least 42 kilometers long and at least 4 kilometers wide (at the most extensive points). The origin of its waters and its soil with high levels of calcium are those that grant such beautiful crystalline waters to this beautiful lagoon.

The place currently has a protected area with a total of 52,000 hectares that include cenotes and mangroves that serve as habitat for many colorful species of birds, fish and many unique animals of the region, thus preserving all the beautiful biodiversity of the place.


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