Tulum is a wonderful place, ideal for nature lovers, that immerses you in the Mayan culture and beaches, of unparalleled beauty, recognized as the best in Mexico and Central America by the world travel organization.

Therefore, friend I invite you to enjoy a unique experience for your senses and spirit, allowing you to marvel at its aesthetically unparalleled archeological sites, cenotes, Caribbean sea, turquoise beaches, white sand, underground rivers, the Great Mesoamerican Reef and the reserve of The biosphere of Sian Ka’an, called the World Heritage Site for its biological diversity.

Tulum is the only archeological zone in Mexico that sits on the seashore. It is the most photogenic site in the region and perhaps the entire country. It was a Mayan fortress originally called Zama, which lived its moments of glory at the end of the classical period (Near 1000 AD)

The most iconic of its structures, called ‘the castle’ is located on the edge of a cliff from where you can see the turquoise waters of the sea whose function was to serve as the main temple, astronomical observatory and as a navigation lighthouse. Another of the important buildings are: the temple of the frescos, whose wall paintings portray a series of supernatural beings resident in the underworld that constitute one of the most important testimonies of the pre-Hispanic Mayan mural painting and the temple of the descending god with a small foundation on that the one that was constructed a building decorated with the image of that deity, main icongraphic element of the city. The temple of god of the Wind is also distinguished, a small structure that is located in the part that borders the cliff that faces the ocean. All this forms a magical set that offers the best views of the Caribbean.


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