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IMMO Investments: transforming Real Estate through a family dream

Melania Cisneros always knew that Real Estate was his destiny: from the admiration that caused him to walk on the weekends with your family by shopping centers and areas with luxurious houses, until when he started to work shoulder to shoulder with his mother in real estate consulting. But the desire to build your own path and follow their own ideals was always present, and with the passing of time, his mission was becoming more and more clear. 

It all started because of a dream, a family, and a shared vision. The real estate Mexican agent, after working in sales and hospitality for 17 years, decides to join in with his mother, Alejandra Martinez, and his brother, Rodrigo Mejia, to work together in serving and advising others in the fulfillment of its objectives.

Thus, in 2019 IMMO Investmentsborn as a family-owned company created with the goal of innovating the real estate business in the Mexican Caribbean, and the philosophy of doing the common good, and serving with the heart. The company provides comprehensive advice to real estate investors, brokers, and real estate developers, specializing in creating value in every experience. A team that started with just 5 people, today it has more than 20 professionals who are constantly seeking to move forward, to further the objectives of their clients, and promote the growth of the unmatched Mexican Caribbean as a holiday destination and residential area.

Growth and expansion without limits

After a year of many challenges and lessons today, just two years after its inception, hundreds of domestic and foreign investors have relied on the team IMMO Investments to invest in properties with exceptional locations, generating high profitability and capital gain. The company markets the most unique and promising projects in the area, connected with the luxuries natural that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer. 

Among its major success stories, highlights an innovative architectural project created by Hi5 Developments: VOLTA it is a complex of stylish apartments located in the heart of Playa del Carmen. If its projected date of delivery is in March 2022, in July of this year it held a kickoff event to celebrate its great success in sales.

For its part, DEJA VU TULUM it's a housing project created under the concept of wellness, focused on 4 main pillars: well-being, connection, space, and tranquility. It is a proposed development in the most exclusive area of Aldea Zama, which features a unique design in all of the Riviera Maya, and amenities ideal for those who seek to obtain the highest quality.

Also, located in Aldea Zama, is Naj Kiin, an exclusive complex of apartments, the product of a fusion between the old look of Tulum with its contemporary lifestyle. The project combines natural materials and worked out, thus generating a proposal sophisticated in the mystical paradise maya.

Following the same line of ecological, TOH is a real estate development eco-chic, inspired by the natural beauty of Tulum, and located in an area of high value. Finally, located in the heart of Playa del Carmen and just steps from the 5th Avenue, L Condos it is an exclusive residential project of departments. Representative of living with feet in the sand, this proposal offers the quality of life and comfort in an area where it triggers the growth of the city.

Preserving the caribbean spirit

Love, family, responsibility, and excellence: these are the four pillars of representative and primordial IMMO Investments. This is a team that seeks to build on the lives of others, create bonds of trust and prioritize the “win-win”, thus being a vehicle for transformation.

IMMO Investments – Alejandra Martínez (Dr. Admon), Melania Cisneros (CEO) and Rodrigo Mejía (Dr. Sales)

It is no coincidence that a company like this decides to lay its foundations in a destination as unique as the Mexican Caribbean. In addition to being the place that joined Melania Cisneros with his family to consolidate under a project your mission, this area is a privileged space, with natural landscapes rarely seen and an amazing offering of quality of life. Logically, in order to achieve conserve and enhance the qualities of this paradise on Earth, it is necessary to treat it in a sustainable manner, and conscious. To give and to receive, for that matter.

This area is also in constant development and expansion. Since the pandemic by Covid-19, has been transformed into a stained glass international, welcoming all those who arrive, leaving to see his impending development. A space that allows you the privilege of having the freedom to do, to grow, to connect, to dream. Investing in the Mexican Caribbean actually means taking a step toward living as you want: in a place where opportunities abound, with the feet on the white sand against the turquoise sea, surrounded by jungle.

The barefoot luxury is reconnection, reflection, and experience... And that is precisely what represents the Mexican Caribbean: interaction and daily connection with nature, to live experiences that exceed all of our senses. Today, more than ever, in a post-pandemic world, our notion of time is changing. We begin to prioritize our quality of life, where we choose to spend our time, how we decided to work, and what type of life we give to ourselves.

In this sense, there is no better decision than the one that Melania Cisneros proposes to: take immediate action to generate a change in our own lives, knowing that there are no limits to doing so. Animate the change of mindset, to listen as much to ourselves as to others, and thus adapt the best way to the new reality.

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