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Discover Volta: the new and luxurious bet of Hi5 Desarrollos

There are more and more offers that arise in the Mexican Caribbean due to the great potential and constant growth of the area. For this reason, the Real Estate company IMMO Investments, exhaustively and rigorously chooses ideal projects with which to work to offer its clients the best option, either to invest or fulfill their dreams of acquiring a home.

In that search appeared Volta: a disruptive architectural proposal, designed by the Hi5 developer formed by the union of 3 large construction companies with more than 30 years in the Yucatan peninsula and Quintana Roo, Grupo GW, Ekasa Desarrollos and Grupo R4. back with its particular design and sumptuous look & feel arrived to innovate the real estate market in Playa Del Carmen.

Located in Little Italy; the most emblematic area of 5th Avenue, considered the authentic Heart of Playa Del Carmen, for being the reference location in the area, where the most famous beach clubs, restaurants and shopping malls where visitors from all over the world live the lifestyle that is aspired this 2021. Volta, luxurious condominium made up of 56 luxurious apartments and sophisticated design carefully curated by Hayek Studio, created by renowned interior designer Sami Hayek.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the place, the innovative real estate proposal offers everything from lofts to two-bedroom apartments with open layouts that optimize light and contemporary details that allude to local natural resources. 

The exterior of the building is covered with volcanic tiles made by hand and made to measure, with a range of blues that refer to the waters of the local cenotes. In turn, all this is covered with suspended lights, which function as a luminous vine, allowing the architecture of the building to be appreciated to perfection.

Outside of the building. Courtesy Immo Investments & Volta.
Exterior of the building. Courtesy Immo Investments & Volta.
Outside of the building. Courtesy Immo Investments & Volta.

On the other hand, the design and decoration of the lobby and the impressive rooftop pay homage to both Playa del Carmen and the rich colonial and architectural heritage that Mexico has, which generates a great emotional connection with the roots of the Mayan community and the Nature; treasures of our Mexican Caribbean-

Volta Playa Del Carmen event, consolidation of success in sales

Yes ok; Volta Playa Del Carmen, has a delivery date scheduled for March 2022; On July 22, a great event was held to celebrate the consolidation of the project and celebrate the great success in sales, in an unprecedented night, which took place in Inti Beach, the official beach club of Volta, where the guests were able to enjoy first-hand some of the benefits offered by the property, in an ideal setting facing the Caribbean Sea, under the light of the full moon.

In addition to the night event, which was attended by many personalities and real estate leaders, among the highlights of this important Volta presentation, we can highlight the participation of Modu Seye, fitness influencer founder of Moduvated*, who in the morning used the amenities of the place to give an exclusive physical conditioning class, adapted to each need and aptitude of the attendees, for employees and clients of IMMO Investments, where he inspired the guests with his human warmth and leadership.

“Volta is a disruptor that contributes to the positioning of the area, motivating the development of premium quality projects, resulting in a Playa del Carmen that invites high-end tourists and local and foreign investors to enjoy an ideal environment, activating exponentially the local and national economy, explains the CEO of IMMO Investments, Melania Cisneros. 

In turn, Cisneros adheres that his main objective as a Real Estate company is to strengthen business relationships that last a lifetime. “We work based on what most concerns our investors, in order to transmit peace of mind at all times, knowing that the most important thing is their security and safeguarding their interests. In the case of Volta, the special attention to detail is what captivated us and made us bet on becoming its exclusive sales channel. Their pre-sales success speaks for itself, indicating that we are on the right track”, he concludes.

The experience in Volta is comprehensive, since through its details it will create value in the experience of its users, taking care of every detail and the contact with the native, which transforms this project not only into a new concept in terms of the real estate proposal in Playa del Carmen, but in a safe and promising investment wherever you see it.

Discover Volta: the new and luxurious bet of Hi5 Desarrollos

There are more and more offers that arise in the Mexican Caribbean due to the great potential and...
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